Individual lessons (available Monday-Saturday)
Group lessons (call/text/email for details)
Children's lessons (call/text/email for details)
Corporate clinics (call/text/email for details)

1hr lesson - €60 adult
30mins lesson - €35 adult
3X 1hr lesson - €150 adult

We also have group lessons available for adults and children, they are informative, educational but also easy going and an enjoyable bit of exercise

To sign up for group lessons please email and we'll remind you in the manner of your preference. We don't do carrier pigeon, but email, text, and post are all available. We also have facebook and a Twitter and possibly a LinkedIn.

At Cregboy Golf Academy we examine the different body parts in motion during your swing, and then we show you how to do it a little bit more easily. It's easy to do because it's an easier way. There is less effort and tension in the body. The results are sometimes drastic and sometimes more subtle, but they are always noticeable, and if you practice, it will improve further. Your swing will develop into a swing that is still your own swing, but it is more balanced, athletic, with rhythm and control, but all with little effort. You will have a more natural looking swing, and may appear a far more talented golfer than you currently believe yourself to be. Or maybe you are a far more talented golfer than you currently believe yourself to be. Who knows...


The way your grip performs throughout your swing depends on far more than the positioning of the hands at address. The tension of the grip plays a key role throughout, along with other aspects like finger strength and flexibility. 

Academy hire - €150 per hour

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