It takes different muscles to hold a position than it does to move through a position

It takes different muscles to hold a position than it does to move through it.
If you learn by positions you are creating incorrect muscle memory.
Stop looking at pictures.
Start swinging the club.
Book lessons with a golf instructor and tell him/her that you don't want to learn positions because of the title of this revelatory piece of light reading material.
If they don't know what you mean, get lessons off someone else.
If you don't know what I mean, please don't get lessons off me.
If you can't find someone to coach you by moving through positions and not trying to create them, and you don't want to get lessons from me, get salsa dancing lessons and do 10 minutes of yoga every day. .
Watching Strictly come Dancing while eating Indian food and googling yoga all at the same time doesn't count, you must partake.
If you complete any combination of golf movement therapies outlined above will get way better than the guys with the fusion gel inserts in their shoes, and the artistically designed force plates in their drivers.

p.s. If you end up becoming obsessed with salsa dancing and end up teaching salsa on a beach in Brazil somewhere, please bring your golf clubs, the weather's good over there.

Dare to dream....


"If you write with a white pen you will speak the truth"

Within the first few minutes of meeting someone in a golf lesson capacity, I will have made a decision about how good that person can possibly become at golf. This isn't a conscious decision, it just happens, and it helps me to focus my mind on the task at hand, which is to help that person achieve their potential.

I think that very few people would agree with me regarding my estimation of their ability, the majority would think I am slightly crazy.

You can be as good as I think you can be, but I'm not going to tell you how good you can be. If you would like to know how good I think you can be, allow yourself to imagine a standard of golfing prowess that you would have to achieve in order to be capable of playing slightly beyond your wildest dreams. This is how good I think you can be. Now it may be that I am crazy, or I could possibly be right, it doesn't really matter. Either way, it is no harm for you to have a dream. 


The Golf Movement - Episode 4

"A very great vision is needed and the man who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky." - Crazy Horse, Sioux Chief

This is the final episode of this series. If you have been brave enough to practice the exercises, well done, and I trust you have improved accordingly. If you think the videos are just a bit of a laugh, you're right. they are, but they have a message. There is a less strict and stressful way that you can use both the laws of this universe, and limitations of your body, to carry out the task of hitting the ball, and it becomes more effective very quickly.
It's movement-relaxation-awareness-flexibility-co-ordination-balance therapy, and you cant get it anywhere else.
Many thanks to the production team
Betty Qualter, Brendan Nolan, Christina Mulryan, Conor Foy, Jennifer Mulryan, Karl Coyne, Pauline Leyden

Do you know what's going on?

There is no point trying to be technical about what's going on with the golf club during the swing if you technically don't know what is going on. The reason you probably don't know what's going on is that the person who tried to tell you what was going on didn't know either.

We are much better off to practice our swing as a swing, and not have to break it down into stages to try to fix it. If we break it down we tend to acknowledge the position and how it feels to be in that position, but not how it feels to move through this position. Moving through a position and holding a position exert completely different forces on the body. So trying to hold a position and hoping that your body learns it is a waste of time. Trying to learn a position at all is a waste of time unless you learn how to move through this position, which means you are not learning a position, you are learning a movement.
This is the theory that has brought about the golf movement. The golf movement will not be easy to understand, because theoretical physics rarely is, but you need not understand it in order to learn how to do it. You don't need to understand combustion chemistry to drive a car, or respiration to breathe, you don't need to understand sound waves to speak or sing, and you most certainly don't need to be a physicist to be a golfer. You don't need to be technical at all.
You need to be an athlete, who is in tune with his body and the forces acting on it. You need to be a dancer, with the grace and balance to create something beautiful to look at. You need to be an artist, to use your imagination to create something that wasn't there before. You need to be a warrior, so that you can fight on when a lesser man might refuse to. Above all, you need to be humble. Humble enough to admit that you can't get it right all of the time, humble enough to not let your victories go to your head, and humble enough to know that you don't know what's going on technically

Episode 3

"Some people feel the rain... others just get wet" ... Bob Marley

The Golf Movement Episode 3 features a rhythm exercise designed to promote a free flowing swing. The drop of the club in the backswing is used to feel the weight of the club. This exercise is not supposed to strain the muscles as it doesn't require strength. If you can recreate this exercise please send us the video.

The gorilla's name is Gus and the Orang Utan is called Ollie.

Episode 2

It's pretty difficult to explain this exercise. For this reason I am not going to explain how to do it, and I am also not going to explain why you would do it. Either do it or don't do it, but don't try to explain what is happening in words.

"I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practised the same kick 10,000 times"   .....   Bruce Lee

The Golf Movement Introduction

The Golf Movement is an approach to golf that encompasses all aspects of the body and mind. We will update you regularly with instruction, by text and video, which will change your approach to the game.

Our aim is to help people. We can do this in many ways. We can help by reducing tension in your body, by teaching you how to quiet your mind, by offering bias free advice on equipment matters. We also can help you to overcome your golf related injuries, and golf related mental breakdowns. Above all, we can teach you a way of swinging the club that you can trust, that you can enjoy, and that is so simple that you can do it, as long as you promise not to try too hard.