Do you know what's going on?

There is no point trying to be technical about what's going on with the golf club during the swing if you technically don't know what is going on. The reason you probably don't know what's going on is that the person who tried to tell you what was going on didn't know either.

We are much better off to practice our swing as a swing, and not have to break it down into stages to try to fix it. If we break it down we tend to acknowledge the position and how it feels to be in that position, but not how it feels to move through this position. Moving through a position and holding a position exert completely different forces on the body. So trying to hold a position and hoping that your body learns it is a waste of time. Trying to learn a position at all is a waste of time unless you learn how to move through this position, which means you are not learning a position, you are learning a movement.
This is the theory that has brought about the golf movement. The golf movement will not be easy to understand, because theoretical physics rarely is, but you need not understand it in order to learn how to do it. You don't need to understand combustion chemistry to drive a car, or respiration to breathe, you don't need to understand sound waves to speak or sing, and you most certainly don't need to be a physicist to be a golfer. You don't need to be technical at all.
You need to be an athlete, who is in tune with his body and the forces acting on it. You need to be a dancer, with the grace and balance to create something beautiful to look at. You need to be an artist, to use your imagination to create something that wasn't there before. You need to be a warrior, so that you can fight on when a lesser man might refuse to. Above all, you need to be humble. Humble enough to admit that you can't get it right all of the time, humble enough to not let your victories go to your head, and humble enough to know that you don't know what's going on technically